Mysteries Philosophy, per se

Presenting these series of talks in an explanatory website to help listeners and viewers find the ones which will be helpful is a bit complicated. The reason for this is that there is redundancy in the various series. It is this way because the speaker grew up doing these talks. Each series is deeper or more thorough than those previous to it. Knowing this one could conclude that the most recent would be the most thorough. That is partially true but the most recent, Modern Mysticism, has not yet recapitulated much material covered in earlier series. It is clearly the best of all of the series but it is a work in progress. There is another complication in that it is an idiosyncrasy of the speaker that he finds it almost impossible to say something in exactly the same way in each replication. Consequently, listeners may understand some things from earlier talks more easily than the same thing in later talks.

There is one exception to what is stated in the paragraph above. The series titled Christmas, Christ and Christian Mysticism is different from all of the other series. It would best be described as self-discovered Christian Neoplatonism. In some ways it is the deepest series ever offered by the speaker.

Since there is no optimal solution to these difficulties, the titles (which are also links) are given in reverse chronological order with their dates of offering. From there is it up to the listener to seek out the information desired. When there are sub-series the sub-series are presented as indented links to playlists.

The miscellaneous talks are all singletons. Some are about mysteries philosophy and some are about spiritual astrology. The titles are usually self-explanatory.

Modern Mysticism (2010-ongoing)
First Principles
Mystic Cosmography
   The Physical World: Chemical and Etheric
   The Desire World
   The World of Thought
   Life Spirit and Beyond
Mystic Cosmology

Introduction to Christian Mysticism (1999-2002)

Talks Offered at Oceanside (1999)

Exploring Rosicrucian Philosophy (1996)

Christmas, Christ and Christian Mysticism (1991-92)

Cosmology in Everyday Life (1981-89)

Mystery Wisdom and Modern Living (circa 1979-80)

Miscellaneous Talks:
100 Years, A Critique
Astrology and the Desire World
Astrology and the Mind
Astrological Retrospection
Birth and Death
Blood and the Zodiac
Some Questions About Destiny
Healing Prayer
The Human Heart
The Millennium
Our Work
Rosicrucian Exercises
Sexual Deviation
What's New

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