Astro-Philosophical Hybrids

Astro-Philosophical Hybrids are mixtures of spiritual astrology and mysteries philosophy. They are of two types: blends and medleys. Blends are more intertwined and integrated. There is only one blend, Transitions into the Aquarian Age. Medleys are when astrology talks parallel philosophy talks. All of the medleys are from week-long summer schools intensively covering important facets of soul growth.

Transitions into the Aquarian Age

These talks are about the Aquarian Age. They cover everything from the physics of the precession of the equinoxes to ideas and actions, large and small, that we can take to prepare ourselves and the world to enter the Aquarian Age harmoniously and get the most out of it.

Summer Schools:

Building the Soul Body
Horoscopes for Astrology of the Vital Body

These talks are about building the etheric soul body which is an absolute necessity to enter the inner worlds safely and consciously when leaving the dense physical body. The astrology talks are for understanding the vital body through examples from illustrious lives.

Working on Desire
Horoscopes for Working on Desire

We all struggle with desire. These talks are about the nature of the desire world and the desire body and how to tame it to the service of the Spirit effectively and efficiently. The astrology talks are a tour of the desire world using astrological examples

Cycles in Modern Mysticism
Horoscopes for The Lunation Cycle

Cycles are the modus operandi of the cosmos. These talks explore cycles important to spiritual aspirants for efficient soul growth. The astrology talks discuss the lunation cycle with examples.

Horoscopes for Flavors of Consciousness

As spiritual aspirants greater waking consciousness is our goal. These talks explore what consciousness is and the means to attain it. The astrology talks are about the spectrum of flavors of consciousness.

Spiritual Exercises
Horoscopes for Aspects as Tools of Consciousness

Spiritual development can be seen as twofold. One part is acquiring soul material and the other part is learning how to use it. These talks explore learning how develop the skills to utilize soul power with an emphasis on modern methods aligned with cosmological principles. The astrology talks demonstrate the astrological aspects as tools used by spirit in microcosm and macrocosm.

Cause and Consequence
Horoscopes for Astrology and Destiny

Cause and consequence is one of those things we think we know but often our view in this is illusory. In these talks the principle of cause and consequence is elucidated and explored. The astrology talks are a study of astrology and destiny as seen in Rosicrucian philosophy.

Some Thoughts on Healing
Chart of the 12 Cranial Nerves as an Astrological Homunculus

Spiritual healing is a subject vast and deep, too deep for ten talks. These talks introduce some of the simple, basic aspects and activities of spiritual healing. The astrology talks are about astrological homunculi which are microcosms of the zodiac in the body, its systems and parts.

Spiritual Coevolution
Horoscopes for Astrological Octaves

Whether we realize it or not we are not alone in the evolutionary creation. We are also not at the top of the evolutionary scale as the Darwinians think, we are near the bottom. Beside the animals, vegetables and minerals behind us in the evolutionary creation there are many creative waves ahead of us, angels, archangels and so on. These talks discuss one kind of relationship between the creative waves in the whole. The astrology talks are about the octave planets.

Evolutionary Creation
Horoscopes for Horoscope Evolution

We belong to a grand and magnificent creation, grand and magnificent beyond our current comprehension. The creation is orderly and purposeful. The order is called evolution. Everything evolves out of divine potential to divine reality. These talks explore a very little of that great work. The astrology talks are about how the horoscope and character evolve in time.

The Mysteries and the Gospels

These talks are not Bible study per se. They are talks about symbols of the ancient mystery schools as found in the Gospels. The intent of these talks is to begin to demonstrate how the different pagan mysteries are united in Christ. Usually these symbols are found in strange symbols incongruous with the rest of the text of the Gospels. The astrology talks are about seeing astrology in the Gospels but it does not use horoscopes.

The Unconscious
Horoscopes for Astrology and the Unconscious

It is a mystical fact that most of us are unconscious of most of our being, especially our essential being. The talks are meant to demonstrate that and to explore the unconscious in ways beneficial to our spiritual development. The astrology talks are to help students locate various facets of the unconscious in a horoscope.

Astro-Physiology Summer School
Horoscopes for Elementary Astro-Diagnosis

All of what we are now is a product the evolutionary creation. Spiritual astrology is the underlayment of that creative cosmos so it is not surprising that through astrology we would find resonance in our bodies with the creative hierarchies that formed them. These talks are a very simple studies in those correspondences. The astrology talks are a beginning into the difficult study of astro-diagnosis.

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