Spiritual Astrology

In the mystery schools astrology is seen as the underlayment of the Creation. It is the skeleton of both cosmogony and cosmology. The speaker in these talks would love to speak extensively on those uses of astrology but, alas, the greater need is for character building and for that natal astrology with an eye to soul growth is called for. Therefore, almost all of the astrology talks are primarily about natal astrology. Most of the talks are in series and the series are classes. Some of the classes have textbooks or handouts which you may want to download to follow along with the class.

Topics in Astrology
Visual aids to the discussion of signs and planets
Horoscope casting aids

Topics in Astrology is an introductory series of talks. The intent of the talks is to introduce listeners to the ideas behind the basic elements of astrology: signs, houses, planets and aspects. The talks are meant to give students a foundation for future study, and to appeal to people with a more pedestrian interest in astrology. They are also intended to be entertaining as well as educational. In talks #2 and #3 we cast a horoscope together and since hand calculated horoscopes are becoming a thing of the past, you may wish to skip these talks.

Astrological Tools and Techniques
Textbook for Astrological Tools and Techniques

Astrological Tools and Techniques is a beginning course in applied natal astrology. The intent of this course is to develop self-reliance in students so they can avoid becoming trapped in dependency on authorative statements from other astrologers, living and dead. Both inductive and deductive tools are given in this course but most of the time is spent in progressive keyword astrology. The idea is that the astrologer plugs keywords into designed sentences until there is a combination that unlocks the intuition. Intuition is all important in helping people with astrology so unless something evokes intuition its value is in doubt. There are also short sections on creating metaphors and poetic images, astrological journaling, and astrological field trips.

Character Appreciation with Astrology
Textbook for Character Appreciation with Astrology

Character Appreciation with Astrology is an intermediate course in applied natal astrology. The course is in three sections. The first section is dedicated to profiling and cross profiling the broader factors of a horoscope. The second section is dedicated to estimating the approximate strengths of all of the planets and all of the aspects relative to each other. Some things are more important in life and correspondingly in astrology so the astrologer should be able to tell what things are more important and roughly how much more important they are. The third section is a study of the personality, the emotionality, the mentality and the combined individuality and spirituality of the natives. Then there is a subsection of summation of each of the horoscopes. Horoscopes of sixteen famous people are used in this course.

Astrology, Psychology, Mysticism
Textbook for Astrology, Psychology, Mysticism

Astrology, Psychology, Mysticism is a work in progress. The textbook will be updated as the course develops. The course recapitulates the techniques learned in the three courses which precede it. In the recapitulation information about psychology and mysticism is added to the previous purely astrological information. The new work that follows the recapitulation is a house by house study of each of the houses of the horoscopes of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. An attempt is made to demonstrate that their psychological ideas are related to their character as indicated by astrology. Their psychological ideas are studied in relation to the findings of Mystics. It is an advanced course but it is not difficult for anyone to follow.

The Aspects in Spiritual Astrology
Textbook for The Aspects in Spiritual Astrology

The Aspects in Spiritual Astrology is a comprehensive study of the astrological aspects. The aspects are the most important factor in applied natal astrology if not all of astrology. The course draws material from all of the other courses and adds many things about the aspects not found anywhere else. It is highly theoretical and it also gives examples from many horoscopes. It treats both the simple and the complex.

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