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There is a line from Oedipus is Colonus by Sophocles which in translation reads: “A man convinced that everything he says is fit to hear.” The author of these talks in his vanity often thinks that way about his works. However, it isn't all vanity. When one is in the spirit creating, that is exactly how one feels and it isn't vanity, it is a humbling experience to stand before the creative Spirit. The vanity enters in when one is back in the personality. Moreover, it is necessary to speak with confidence to communicate what one has to say. St. Paul says it very well: “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”

After one has given a few talks and retrospects what has been accomplished, it is obvious that not everything is of even value or merit. Some things have been done better than others and, more importantly, some things are more important than others. So, even though the author of these talks likes almost everything he has done, he realizes that some things are more important than others.

The following series are his picks chosen on the basis of importance or presentation.

Topics in Astrology
Visual aids to the discussion of signs and planets

These talks are an introduction to the basic astrological elements: signs, houses, planets and aspects. They are meant to be entertaining as well as education. They are for those with pedestrian interest as well as for people who wish to study more deeply. This playlist skips the talks on casting a horoscope.

The Aspects in Spiritual Astrology
Textbook for The Aspects In Spiritual Astrology

The aspects are the most important element applied astrology. These talks, most of which are taken from other series, explore the aspects from various points of view to treat the topic comprehensively. The aspects are treated both theoretically using spiritual geometry and practically using many horoscopes.

Psychic Health and Insanity

These talks are taken from a course called Astrology, Psychology, Mysticism. They present an introduction to psychological health, an important subject, from the viewpoint of the mysteries.

Transitions into the Aquarian Age

These talks are about the Aquarian Age. They cover everything from the physics of the precession of the equinoxes to ideas and actions, large and small, that we can take to prepare ourselves and the world to enter the Aquarian Age harmoniously and get the most out of it.

Building the Soul Body
Horoscopes for Astrology of the Vital Body

There is a maxim in Rosicrucian mysticism that is often repeated. It goes “all spiritual development begins with the vital body”. One must have a sufficiently rich etheric soul body comprised of the two higher ethers before one can leave the dense physical body and enter into the higher worlds. Without such, one cannot maintain waking consciousness that is worth much, that is what happens in sleep. These talks speak about the ethers and the etheric vital body, especially the two higher ethers which constitute the soul body. The parallel astrology talks further discuss the ethers through the horoscopes of illustrious people.

Hierarchy in Greek Mythology

The author of these talks loves stories. Were he more self-indulgent than he is, he would give talks exclusively about mythology and fairy tales and the mystical wisdom in them. Hence, it is difficult to pick any series as his favorite. This series was chosen because most people are more familiar with Greek mythology than any other mythology. We, as a class, had an enjoyable time with this series and I hope you do too.

The Theme Talks from Hamlet

Due to the manner of presentation it is almost impossible to extract an author's favorite from the Shakespeare talks. The selection the author finally settled on are the three theme talks from Hamlet. Hamlet is the author's favorite Shakespeare and these talks are dear to him. They are three successive talks but not in a separate playlist. The audio is not good on one of the talks and the author is seeking time to redo it. Please enjoy them anyway.

Modern Mysticism (2010-ongoing)

If you like studying The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Max Heindel, you might like this series to augment your study. The series is ongoing. It is an elucidation, explanation and extension of the material covered in that book and the other works by its author. This series is a culmination of a lifetime of study by the speaker. It is a slow and thorough expression of modern mysticism. Take your time and discover the reality to which these talks point in yourself.

Christmas, Christ and Christian Mysticism (1991-92)

For fifty some years this speaker has been trying to cultivate a prayer life. It is hard work. Compared to someone like St. Teresa of Avila his proficiency and progress seem scant but he is grateful for even the little progress he has made. In this process insights came and those insights became the basis for these talks. It was only later that he discovered that they were a Christian restatement of Neoplatonism. Though the ideas have been carried much farther, the original intent of these talks is dear to the speaker. Unfortunately, the audio is not very good.

What's New

This talk has been offered in many places in the western hemisphere. The reason for this is that the information in it is extremely important for followers of the philosophy of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. It is our duty to nourish the seeds that have been given to us. Unfortunately, the quality of the audio is not good.

Our Work

The title of this talk is self-explanatory. It is a challenge to all of us who would serve.

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