Mysteries Philosophy

What are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? These are the questions of the mysteries with a microcosmic human perspective. What is the nature of cosmos in which we participate? How did it become? What is its destiny? These are the questions of the mysteries with a macrocosmic perspective.

The mysteries explore not only the nature of reality in all states of being but also the all-important whys of it all with answers that satisfy head, heart and intuition. The mysteries seek the fundamental principles within and behind the creation. Most important of all, the mysteries seek to find how these principles can be applied to safe and sound methods of spiritual unfoldment and development via spiritual exercises.

One thing that is as obvious as it is certain is that the cosmos is dynamic, it changes. The changes are orderly and progressive. The term for the orderly, progressive and purposeful changes in the creation is evolution. Evolution is a sophisticated way of saying “getting better”. As one writer put it “nature moves from perfection to perfection.” We belong to an evolutionary creation. Since everything in that creation and the creation itself evolves, we as products and participants of the creation must also evolve, and so must the mysteries. The talks to which this website points are as modern and up-to-date as the speaker is capable of presenting at present. Though some of the topics are eternal the presentation is not.

Obviously, this is something vast, profound and almost infinitely entailed. Any attempt at speaking of the mysteries must be partial and incomplete. Moreover, mysteries philosophy is multifaceted, there are many sides to the truth. This means that the mysteries can be spoken of in many ways. In these talks the speaker has chosen several means to address the mysteries. Three different categories of talks have been used to express, elucidate and extend mysteries philosophy. They are: mythology, cultural vehicles and mysteries philosophy per se. Each category has its own page and can be reached using the following table.

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